Harvest Appeal

How you can help us over the Harvest period

As the leaves start to fall and the nights are getting darker, we know we’ve officially entered the autumn season. It’s a time when we reap the rewards of hard work and celebrate what we have. Here at Compassion Acts it is one of our busiest times of year and so we’re reaching out to you with an urgent plea to support our Harvest Donation Appeal.

The harvest helps to fill our shelves ready for the cold and festive period, when people need our help most. We encourage any and all donations however to maximise the impact of your donation, please check our donation shortage list. This highlights the specific food items and supplies that are currently in high demand. By focusing your donations on these items, you can help us address the most pressing needs of our community.

We ask that you can spread the word and encourage the people you know to participate in our Harvest Appeal, together we can make a bigger impact. If you prefer to give money, we can use it to purchase food and supplies according to our current needs. To make a monetary donation please follow this link.

All donations go directly to Compassion Acts.

Thank you for your generosity and for helping us to provide for our community.


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