For people moving on from our Food Pantries who are in need of ongoing support.

Our Next Steps project is all about providing practical support to help our clients improve their lives. When someone joins, we connect them with a volunteer Mentor who offers regular contact, a listening ear, and guidance to relevant support services.

Members can access various training courses, covering topics like money management, budget-friendly cooking, and personal resilience. We also have hands-on activities at our community allotment.

For social connections, we organise events like our monthly community market, where members can meet up with each other and their mentors over a hot drink.

In collaboration with Philippi Trust Counselling and Training, we offer a block of counselling sessions for those interested. Looking forward, we’re seeking more partnerships to provide special deals, experiences, and retail discounts for our Next Steps members, aiming to enhance their overall well-being. Our goal is to offer practical support and empower individuals to lead more fulfilling lives.

Compassion Acts Next Steps
Compassion Acts Next Steps

Please contact us if you would like to become one of our partners