Family Space Xtra

Last week Compassion Acts hosted our Family Space Xtra in partnership with SASWT Schools & Sports Projects and The Community Church, Southport. It was a complete success, with 32 children (from 12 families) attending a day packed full of fun. Designed as a cheap and exciting way to spend some time during the gloomy half term break.

There were a selection of activities that the children could get involved in, arts and crafts, card games and even prize ping pong. The parents were happy to see everyone having such a great time, one stated she ‘can’t believe how much fun [her] children are having with activities that have such little cost’. This is our aim when we put on these events.

We also ran our introduction to our Valu£ You money course, aimed at the older children attending. This course is designed to teach children about finances and make them think about their financial decisions from a young age.

Lunch was kindly supplied for all, by Ainsdale Lunch and Leisure. On the menu was a delicious chicken pasta served with a crusty roll and school cake for dessert. Overall, the day couldn’t have gone any better, everyone went home full and happy with a goodie bag in hand.

Compassion Acts are very proud to host these events, however we couldn’t do it without the generosity of our donors or the hard work of all our wonderful volunteers at The Community Church. We are very grateful for the support of everyone!

If you would like to partner with us on any future events, please don’t hesitate to get in contact either by email: or call us on 01704 2645

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