Compassion Acts Volunteer Celebration Event 2024.

Posted by: Nicole Fewtrell
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Around 100 staff and volunteers from all Compassion Acts projects celebrated with Afternoon Tea at the Waterfront Hotel.

2023 was a big year for the charity, with the team running 20+ projects all around Southport and surrounding areas, including Foodbanks, Food Pantries, Warm Spaces, Uniform Hub, Welfare Benefit and Debt Advice, and more. Compassion Acts is able to help so many people because of the dedication of all the volunteers.

Richard Owens CEO says “What a joyful event this was. We simply have to celebrate our volunteers because without them there would be no projects. The Chair of trustees and several of our Board were present and they remarked to me how inspirational it was. Thank you to MCS Group for the sponsorship and congratulations to all the nominees and runners up and winners in the awards. Can’t wait for next year now!”

Thanks to MCS Group for their sponsorship and making this event possible.

List of Award runners up and winners below. Click here to read all of the nominations in full. 

Read the full transcript of the talk here.

Hope Award – Recognising someone who is committed to ensuring a brighter future for the people we support and our community as a whole.

Runners Up: Maria, David, Jenny

Winner: Ian – Southport Foodbank

Unity Award – Recognising someone who brings people from different backgrounds together, showing that the strength of a team is far greater than the sum of its parts.

Runners Up: Zia, Lakeside Foodbank Team, Morag Reynolds

Winner: Formby Pantry Team

Respect Award – Recognising someone who shows compassion above all else and places dignity at the heart of all they do.

Runners Up: Pauline, Shelagh, Kathryn

Winner: Gerard – Welfare Benefits

Action Award – Recognising someone who puts their positive beliefs into action every day and strives to inspire others to do the same.

Runners Up: John, John, Andrea

Winner: Peter & Janet – Allotment

Special Achievement Award

Winner: Rosie – Southport Pantry

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