£17,000 Success

Compassion Acts: Securing Over £17,000 in Back Payments for Clients

We at Compassion Acts are well known around the Southport area for being the charity who run the local Foodbanks and Food Pantries. However, a large part of what we do offer is centered around welfare and benefit advice. We have a very talented team of individuals who assist  people on a day to day basis with financial advice.

We recognise the complexity and time-consuming nature of navigating the benefits system. To ease these challenges, we are dedicated to assisting people with their benefit claims. Our Advice and Support Manager, Alison Read, recently worked closely with two clients in need of such support.

Both clients were faced with tribunal hearings, and we are pleased to report that, with the help of Compassion Acts, the hearings were a success. Together, they reclaimed a substantial sum of over £17,000 in back payments, in addition to securing ongoing weekly payments from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

“Our long term aim is a society that does not need Foodbanks at all” says CEO Richard Owens “If we can help people to access the appropriate welfare benefits and win cases like this, then there will be more money in peoples pockets and less food insecurity. well done to our very dedicated team!”

Compassion Acts operates as a local charitable organisation, reliant entirely on the generosity of donors. We share success stories like these to showcase our positive impact on the community and the effect we do have on many people’s lives. Your contributions enable us to continue our mission of making a difference.

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