Warm Space Christmas Party and Nation’s Biggest Housewarming Event. 

Posted by: Nicole Fewtrell
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Friday 15 December we held our Warm Space Christmas Party. Our team offered out warm drinks, soup, and a friendly environment to all who came.

Compassion Acts also took part in The Nation’s Biggest Housewarming campaign by NEA, our team were able offer information on how to keep warm this winter along with energy saving tips and signposting to further support.

Here is what some people in attendance had to say –

“1st Time I have been, and it’s been very welcoming, I had a lovely time here today, I will come back again thanks to everyone.” – Anonymous

“Such a big help throughout the year, Thanks to the wonderful staff and volunteers” – Robbie

“Many Thanks for the help and support as well as every you do throughout the year to help, God bless.” – Johhny B

Our Warm Spaces will continue to be a hub for many in the new year, thank you to all who continue to support us.

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