Trussell Trust Pathfinders Gathering 2024.

Posted by: Nicole Fewtrell
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We have been part of the Trussell Trust’s Pathfinder programme since 2021. As an early adopter of the programme we have been able to share our stories with others in the network and also draw down some funding for innovations and targeted projects which tackle the core aim of reducing the need for Foodbanks, going forward.

Here in Southport we have used the additional Pathfinder funding in many ways over the last 3 years, including; experimenting with a town centre Community Hub, the purchase and roll out of a database system, convening a multi-agency group , improving management of referral pathways and promoting a calendar of social wellbeing activities designed as early interventions against poverty.

There are now a total of 55 Foodbanks on the programme. In recent months we have been buddied up with Cambridge Foodbank and Llanelli Foodbank and we look forward to learning from each other.

Recently our CEO Richard Owens attended Trussell’s annual Pathfinder Gathering in Staffordshire.  On the theme of ‘Shaping the Future Together’ there was a focus on sharing successes and strategies for meeting the growing need in the Cost-of-Living crisis and for how Pathfinder Foodbanks can look to the future, even after the programme itself ends in 2025.

“It was a good opportunity to network with others doing similar work to our own. We are very grateful to the Trussell Pathfinder programme and this gathering was yet another example of a fully supported activity by Trussell, meaning it does not place any additional burdens on our very generous local donors.

“We do, however, need to get our heads together and be smart about funding, for us here in Southport for 2025 onwards. As with all charities we will have to get the best fundraising support and materials. This is another area Trussell can help us with, providing some upfront infrastructure to get some significant post-2025 fundraising kickstarted.”

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