Pictured: Justin Wales of Philippi Trust with Jess and Richard
Pictured: Justin Wales of Philippi Trust with Jess and Richard

Talking to prevent poverty

Compassion Acts has signed up to work with the Philippi Trust so that more of its clients, volunteers and staff can access the mental health support which they need, at a time and place of their choosing.

Compassion Acts runs an evolving web of services which are wholistic and all about preventing poverty and enhancing wellbeing. The most well known is the Southport Foodbank where last year 58,680 meals were distributed to those in crisis.

The Philippi Trust is a national charitable organisation that provides counselling and accredited counselling training.  All counsellors are qualified to diploma level and specialise in many different forms of counselling, including family therapy.

“We know we can do more to support the vulnerable people we work with” says Richard Owens CEO of Compassion Acts “that is why we are working with our friends at Philippi to provide one to one services, training for our teams, courses and group work.”

“We are committed to offering counselling that is easily accessible and located in the heart of the community” says Justin Wales of Philippi, “that is why it is great to partner with Compassion Acts because they are in touch with so many people from all sort of situations.”

Already under this partnership Compassion Acts is commissioning blocks of counselling for its clients and there are plans to develop training courses for staff and volunteers and to provide simple and user friendly group sessions around personal resilience and managing stressful situations.

This is part of the Compassion Acts new strategy to ‘go upstream’ and tackle the causes of poverty not simply dealing with the consequences.

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