So begins another Lenten season for many of our Christian supporters and even in society more generally there is an echo of times past with the question ‘what are you giving up this year?’

Today on Ash Wednesday traditionally is a day for coming back from our lethargy and denial to a deeper understanding of what is real. Death, division, ashes literal and emotional are all around, so we don’t have far to look.

The strength of Compassion Acts is in its diversity as a safe space for people with no faith, who are seeking or who come from a traditional church background. The social action we take is more effective and the shared conversation is deeper, when all of us come together and listen to each other.

One option for Lent this year is a short course we are promoting with our friends at Southport Methodist Circuit (See below poster for details). You do not need any church background and being full of contradictions or confusion is okay. No need to book. All welcome.

Some people’s tradition is to give ‘alms’ (or gifts/donations) during this season. We are so blessed by our donors and of course, if this is part of your spiritual journey this Lent, then we will happily accept your financial or goods donation. Contact our team via the donate or fundraising pages of our website.

Exploring the inner life