Raising Funds for Compassion Acts with Our Comedy Bingo Fundraiser.

Our volunteer Andrea hosts Comedy Bingo night and raises over £1,500 for Compassion Acts

In our ongoing commitment to fundraising for 2023, one of our volunteers, Andrea Myszkowska, took the lead in organising an unforgettable Comedy Bingo night fundraiser. This event was hosted by talented comedian Brendan Riley and had a turn out of over 85 people, gathering at Southport Market for a brilliant night full of laughs, games and great prizes.

Reflecting on her role as the organiser, Andrea says “I loved organising this event and raising over £1500. Keep your eyes peeled for next years fundraiser!”

All money raised goes directly to fund essential Compassion Acts projects.

We’d like to extend a big thank you to the local businesses that generously contributed some great raffle prizes for the evening. A special thanks to Cock and Bottle, The Dram, La Tabella, Jason James, Rachel’s, Gymophobics, British Cycling, and numerous others who made this event even more special with their support.

If you feel inspired and wish to become a part of our fundraising efforts for Compassion Acts, we invite you to get in touch. Your contributions matter, and we’re here to provide support every step of the way. Together, we can do more!

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