‘A lifeline’

Southport single mum-of-two Helen was struggling. Her adult son suffers with anxiety and lost his job, so Helen had to cover his living expenses, as well as her own and her nine year old daughter’s.

“I have only my money to feed us and pay bills and everything and it is such a struggle every week,” she explained. The Salvation Army referred her to Food Pantry, run by Compassion Acts and part of the Southport Foodbank family. At the Pantry, members pay £5 per week to access shopping to the value of around £20, which they choose themselves and helps build self esteem.

Helen said, “After paying bills I didn’t have much money left for food shopping so the Pantry has helped me so much with a top up shop. On the first day, the help was amazing. They were all so friendly and showed me the ropes and I got free drink and a biscuit.

“I don’t get any support from anyone so the Pantry has been a lifeline to us all. We get some essentials and treats, milk, bread, fruit and veg, which I would not be able to afford every week on top of my bills. The kids are excited when I return home from the Pantry to see what bits I have got.

“Without the Pantry we would have less essentials, which would be really hard and a struggle. It is an amazing place.”

Helen advises others who are struggling, “There is help out there, the people are so nice and would help you. They also have money people to talk to if you ever need help.”

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