We are registered with the Fuel Bank Foundation

We are able to make referrals for people to receive emergency top ups for gas and electricity pre-payment meters.

To get help, if you have a prepayment meter which you are in charge of:


Please contact Sefton Council’s ELAS Team first. We can only make a referral if you have already been turned down by them. They can be contacted on 0151 9343377 or the application can be completed online.


  • Ask an adviser at a foodbank session if you are going anyway
  • Or call our office on 01704 264505
  • Please note we need id and proof of address to process a fuel bank referral

Help for people not on prepayment meters

Unfortunately we can’t help with the cost of fuel unless you have a prepayment meter.

If you’re struggling with your utility bills, you can:

Speak to your energy company. There might be something they can do to help.

Contact Sefton Council’s Affordable Warmth Team on 0151 934 2222 or the local Energy Advice line managed by the charity EPPlus Freephone 0800 043 0151.

If you’re in debt to your energy company, our Debt Advice Team might be able to help. Click here to see our Debt Advice page.